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Ending in Edmonds, WA

Who doesn't know about Seattle? Even those reading that live in foreign countries likely know about it, and many have even already visited. Our Pickleball Road Trip took us to the Emerald City, and just north of it are the small towns of Shoreline and Edmonds. We have long-standing ties to the Pacific NW. We lived east of Seattle, in Bellevue and Issaquah, from 1988 - 2002, and both of our children were born in Bellevue. We actually had our own pickleball court at a home we owned in Issaquah for about a year and a half. After selling the house, we didn't get around to playing again until 2016!

Some of our very best friends, Laura and Brad live in Shoreline and we were happy to be returning to see them and their grown children, who are both recently married. Brad and Laura have had to listen to more than their fair share of our gushing on and on about pickleball. We need to contribute regularly to the jar on the right.

Creator of this meme unknown - happy to give credit if anyone claims it.

Ky and I had our first pickleball playdate on this visit at the Frances Anderson Center in Edmonds. They have three indoor courts and lots of friendly folks to play with.

Drop-In Pickleball

Call 425-771-0230 to verify times.

Pickleball Leagues

Call 452-77-0229 or email Todd

On our second playdate, Brad, Laura and Sierra, their daughter, joined us for a quick pickleball lesson at Yost Park in Edmonds. They're a fun-loving, active family who bike, hike, run, kayak, SUP, and scuba dive (among other things), in addition to traveling the world in a major way. In other words, they might not have time to take up a new sport. However, they were very good sports to play with us for an afternoon filled with laughter and fun.

Yost Park has 8 beautiful outdoor courts, 4 being dedicated pickleball and 4 are lined over a tennis court. There are no fees to play and there are beginners to advanced players.

Upcoming Pickleball Tournament - September 7th, 2019 at Yost Park, Edmonds, WA

$25 registration and $10 each additional event. For more information call 425-771-0230.

Little confession - you can deduce just how far behind I am in blog posts:

This big bang concluded the north bound United States portion of our Epic Pickleball Road Trip. We're not finished yet - just heading in to Canada, and then across the pond to England next.

Signing off from the U.S.

It's been a great place to be and we'll be back!

Info for Yost Park:

Google Plus Code: RJ4Q+WX Edmonds, Washington, USA

Eight courts, no fee. Daytime only, but it stays light REALLY late in the summer!

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