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Web Site Changes - Pickleball Remains Great!

Change is good. That has been our family motto since the year 2000 when we were traveling around the world with our two children for a year. We realized then that the only thing constant is change.

All future blog posts will be posted at a website with a site name that is easier to find and remember. They will be posted at If you were already receiving blog updates via email prior to the post, you will still keep getting them from the new site. Be sure to check out the new "Galleries" feature to see if your courts have been captured by drone. You can even find cool products like canvas and metal art prints, coffee mugs (or should that be Coffey mugs) to have for yourself or to give as great gifts to the pickleball addict in your life.

If you think friends would enjoy reading about our latest pickleball journeys, we appreciate you sharing this blog with them.

Thank you for following along with us on our journey and we hope to see you again on a court again if we've already met. We hope to meet you soon if we haven't!

In case you missed it, the latest post called "Scratching Itches" can be found here.

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