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Aroma of Pickleballs in Arcata, CA

Some girls like a bed or bath full of rose petals.

Me, give me pickleballs anytime :-)

After playing at Ardoni Center in Eureka, we were invited to play the next day at Larson Park in Arcata on the single court. Karen found a great group for us to play with rounding for a total of six players. We rotated players, and every game was well played and with lots of laughter.

Thanks Karen, Tom, Tim & Jerry for the great games!

The drone shots I took brought to mind a famous line from the movie "Dirty Dancing." Johnny (Patrick Swayze) finds Baby (Jennifer Grey) sitting in — where else? — the corner, and express his sense of injustice by saying "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." This pickleball court was originally a warm-up area for the tennis courts with a line on the half court wall for practice.

Can you find the pickleball court. It's in the shadow of the upper right corner of the courts.

Karen said that the city is already planning to convert more of the courts from tennis to pickleball - Yayyy! Baby's going to come out of the corner!

We took a group poll on where we should eat lunch and everyone there agreed that we should go to Trinidad. They were right! It is gorgeous and our photos don't do it justice since it was extremely windy that day - gusting to about 40 knots.

Seascape, the restaurant they suggested, was spot on. I'm dreaming of another grilled cheese with shrimp sandwich right now! It's right before you get to the pier, so have lunch and then try not to get blown away - it builds pickleball muscles!

If you go:

Google+ Code: Larson Park VWJ8+7W Arcata, California

This one isn't in Places2Play yet - it is a hidden gem with a good court surface. Bring your own net, paddles and balls. No set hours, so bring friends too, or better yet, make friends with the folks on Humboldt Bay Pickleball at:

More courts to come. We even heard that 6.0 player Matt Goebel was there playing the day before - sorry we missed meeting him!

Cost: Free

Happy Pickleball Aroma from Arcata!

Headed to Oregon next.

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