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Eureka - We found it!

We checked in to one of our most unusual Airbnbs yet in Eureka, CA. A sailor's delight - named Obsession! This cool 38' Catalina sailboat was moored at the Woodley Island Marina. There are some places that I would occasionally like to keep secret for ourselves, like this one, but that would be selfish. Captain Doby's sweet craft was not only a fun place to sleep for three nights, but right after arriving and getting moved in to our newest home, Captain Doby took us out for a sail in Arcata Bay. He expertly moved about the boat, doing all the things sailors do to sail. At the same time, he involved us completely and taught us all the while, although he would have easily been able to do all the sailing on this well rigged boat himself. He is clearly as passionate about sailing as we are about pickleball and his enthusiasm was contagious. As the city engineer for Acata, he also knows and shared a great deal about things we were seeing onshore around the bay, so our cruise was also informative. It turns out that he also had responsibility in part for new pickleball courts that will soon be built in Eureka! Way to go and thanks Captain Doby!!!

Happy Father's Day treat for Ky!

Home sweet home for 3 nights thanks to Airbnb.

Directly across from our the end of our pier in the marina there is a wonderful recreation venue, the multi-purpose Adorni Center, where pickleball began in Eureka about six years ago. Google Map suggested that our route to get to it would take us walking across Eureka Channel. Knowing that we have faith, but realizing that we're probably haven't been chosen to walk on water, we chose to bike over the bridge instead.

Google might need to rethink this route. We did LOL!

Eureka Parks and Recreation/Adorni Center

The four indoor courts at Adorni are a great place to play year round. They have plenty of room behind each service line, and bleachers for waiting one's turn, unlike a few too many cramped indoor spaces. They are quite close to each other laterally, but there didn't seem to be too big a problem with balls going on to adjacent courts - no more than any other place without nets or fences between courts.

We had been looking forward to playing with Jack, a friend we had met in Tucson, but unfortunately he was down in southern California. He made sure though that we were pre-introduced to, and warmly greeted by his friend, Karen. We had lots of fun play with a range of people. One of our favorite games was the OMG (one more game), last of the day with two people, Laura and Joe who are in their 70s. We played mixed doubles with Ky and Laura versus Joe and me. It was a fast paced game with excellent play. Laura had been a ping pong player and Joe had been a wrester, biker and runner. I love this game because all ages can play it together, and play it well!

A bike ride through town took us through the quaint old town commercial center and past several beautiful old Victorian buildings including the Carson Mansion, built in 1884. It is now a private club, and probably due to us being nomadic, our invitation clearly must have been lost in the mail! Maybe next time LOL!

The obsession is the 2nd boat from the left on the bottom - such a beauty!

Eureka is the California state Motto - if you're lucky, you'll find it too!

If you go:

Adorni Center Google+ Code: RR4Q+CQ Eureka, California

Cost: $3.00 adults/ $2.50 seniors drop-in fee for guests. Free with Silver Sneakers or membership.

Check out for all the places to play in Humboldt County.

Who knew about the newest Google product, Great way to keep everyone in the loop in your pickleball community if someone is willing to keep it current. I heard that the calendar creator and keeper, Ward, was not currently able to play, so get well soon Ward, but thanks for your great work!

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Ginny Claes

What a great Airbnb find. Gee, we just stayed in a regular ole motel during our visit. Just love following your fun adventures. Keep ‘em coming.

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